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          Chulmleigh Academy Trust

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          Chulmleigh Primary School

          Beacon Road, Chulmleigh, Devon EX18 7AA Tel:01769 580535

          Chulmleigh Primary School

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          Welcome to Chulmleigh Primary School, a wonderful primary school full of friendly, happy pupils. Situated on the edge of the ancient town of Chulmleigh, we pride ourselves on the excellent education every pupil receives, in a secure, caring and welcoming environment. 

          With our focus on developing independent skills within an enriched curriculum, we aim to instil a love of learning in every child. This allows us to provide everything the children need to achieve success at our school and beyond.


          Joining Us

          We love our school, and we're sure you will too!

          Please give us a call on 01769 580535 if you would like to discuss joining us.

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